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Oficial site of Alicea Caldas Photography. Premium photography services based out of San Juan, Puerto Rico serving the World.  Destination Wedding & Portrait photographers.

Our mission is to bring happiness to our clients thru images that capture the events that mark our clients lives. From Weddings, portraits, corporate & social events, our connection to our clients is the most important link to our success.

Alicea Caldas Photography es un grupo de fotógrafos premium donde la imaginación y tus deseos se hacen realidad.  En este site veras ejemplos de nuestros trabajos, clientes recientes, fotos interesantes, y de todo un poco relacionado a la fotografía. 

Nuestra misión es traer felicidad a nuestros clientes con imágenes que capturan los momentos que marcan sus vidas.



Alicea Caldas Photography is a boutique Photography Services Company based out of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Family - Children - Maternity - Newborns - Beach - Couples - Head shots